“I went to see Nathan Winch and his team in March 2022. We were trying to plug our funding gap to secure government match funding of £24,000 as part of one of our fund raising exercises.

I was overwhelmed when Nathan offered to donate £12,000, which enabled us to secure our government funding and proceed to the next stage. This will help so many children and young people suffering from mental health and cases of domestic abuse. We are over the moon with Nathan Winch charity support.”

Carly Turnbull, Chief Executive

Hey! Let’s Talk Mental Health Charity

“We were so grateful of Nathan Winch charity support for The Principle Trust Children’s Charity. His donation was enough to send an entire family on holiday. Based in Skipton, North Yorkshire The Principle Trust Children’s Charity’s aim is to help improve the quality of life of children from across Yorkshire who are underprivileged, disadvantaged, or disabled through the provision of free holidays.”

Kerry Magson, Events Manager

The Principle Trust Children’s Charity

Nathan Winch Charity Support

I’m also proud to support a number of other charities across healthcare, mental health, environmental conservation and animal protection. I am passionate about these charities and feel lucky to be able to help.

Climate Change

I am passionate about climate change and carbon emissions.

That’s why I work hard with my investment company, Winch & Co, to use our resources to work against carbon emissions and climate change as much as we can. This is very important to me. It’s not just about doing the right thing, it’s about making a better environment for our grandchildren’s grandchildren – because at this rate, these people won’t survive.

We are already doing more than our bit, helping support afforestation in Rio Kama, Nicaragua, as well as contributing to the Clean Ocean effort by Plastic Bank across the world. You can read more about these initiatives here. As part of my commitment towards this, our company is now officially carbon neutral, having removed tens of thousands of kilograms of carbon from the atmosphere. We want to extend this to our portfolio companies over the coming years.