Super proud to announce the completion of the acquisition of Dedicated Transport Solutions and a 250,000 sq. ft. industrial estate.

Overwhelmed to finally, after 5 long months, complete on the acquisition of haulage and logistics company, DTS (Dedicated Transport Solutions) – and it’s 250,000 square foot industrial estate located in Cramlington, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. This purchase marks the next step in Winch & Co’s buy-and-build investment mandate in the transport and logistics industry. Following on from our acquisition of Eclipse Distribution Solutions back in October 2021, this brings our transport group closer to our £20 million target.

I am so grateful for my incredible acquisitions team, working day and night with me. My operations director Shaun Swinburn, commercial director Debra Hart and our commercial brokers and accountants, along with our commercial solicitor, Richard Coulthard, at Ison Harrison.

The acquisition of DTS comes with a large industrial estate which has a number of established, blue-chip plc tenants in long term leases as part of the 250,000 sq. ft. bonded warehousing facility boasting several, large units and loading bays. The plan will be to add value to both the business via vertical integration as well as to the site and properties. The business comes with a range of fully owned vehicles including small transit vans all the way to 18-wheeled articulated lorries. The business side of the acquisition will form part of the transport group, consolidating down into Eclipse Distribution Solutions, becoming a satellite for the Loughborough-based operational hub.

To get this done I worked my way through 3 different lenders before reaching the right deal for the business, dropping lenders that I didn’t feel were right for us (you meet lenders in person for interviews at this level of deal). It was a turbulent time – supervillain origin story type stuff… All this whilst I had to maintain face with the sellers!

It’s been such a long slog, and with another acquisition in the transport, logistics and haulage space having just reached heads of terms and going to legals this month, we still have our work cut out for us with the next one in the pipeline, closing in on my 2024 target.

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