I’m super proud to welcome another member to the family at Winch & Co – Debra Hart!

I’m so happy to welcome Debra Hart to Winch & Co as our new commercial director. She is a driven, dynamic manager with demonstrable experience in a range of industries – working closely with the sales functions across my companies to improve our top lines. Debra has had a colourful and varied career so far, working in the transport, haulage and other asset-heavy sectors – most notably as commercial director at PallEx, as well as experience in marketing and managing angel investments for a former ‘dragon’, Hilary Devey from Dragons’ Den. I’m happy to welcome her to my management team. My operations director, Shaun Swinburn, and I decided it was time to introduce a new member of the management team to facilitate the integration and embedding of new acquisitions, enter Debra Hart.

Her attitude to work is amazing, so is her ability to connect and network with others. I’ve not met many people as hard grafters as Debra, who really does care about the success of whatever she works on, as well as the other stakeholders involved. She’s such a confident but modest person who hasn’t been given the scope to flourish. I’m looking forward to working with her and giving her the platform and resources to excel. I’m so super excited to see how she performs working on our various businesses and private equity projects. I’m confident she will help our teams outperform and deliver value across the board for all of our companies and partnerships.

A fantastic individual that I am lucky to now have on my team.

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