Super proud to announce that I’m back dabbling in the angel investment space again (despite saying I wouldn’t anymore) with an investment in Sam Bradbury and his car sales and rental business based in Cambridge.

Sam Bradbury, director of Lux Auto, a vehicle sales and rental business based out of Cambridge, is now my latest VC investment. I will be investing £50,000 seed capital, with further credit lines, for initial car purchases, car lot rental and business set up costs. When you invest as an investor, yes, it’s an investment in a business, but really, it’s an investment in a person. And after two weeks of being violently harassed by Mr Bradbury, I decided to have him in the office to see what the cut of his jib was like and the bugger talked me into investing.

It wasn’t a difficult decision, he came in with a business, experience in his industry and a full costed out business plan and believable projections. You know an investment is right when it’s easy, the entrepreneur is a grafter, knows what they’re doing and you don’t need to get involved other than just guidance and financial input. Perfect.

Sam has been in today to sign the documents with our solicitors and I’ve sent the funds to escrow ready to forward to his company once his bank account is opened. I’m super excited to get cracking on this one, which will be quick to start generating returns for both Sam and myself.

Congratulations Sam, onwards and upwards! 🎉

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