Not all mindsets are created equal. I’ve been spending a lot of time recently with one of my best friends, the gorgeous Ellie McKay, and she’s shown me I’m way too soft… and she’s right!

Respect is a funny thing. And I know this post will resonate with a lot of people. You know who you are.

Recently, I feel people respect me less. They don’t appreciate the benefits TO THEM of working with MY business, whether that be as a supplier, client or someone we have invested money with.

What do you do when people act like this?

When people start to forget where their ‘bread is buttered’?

When people treat you with less respect in front of others?

I’ve recently had more than a few people get ‘above their station’ and to be quite frank, I’m sick of being modest and humble all the time about it, because people walk all over you and forget the background work that goes into a non-reciprocal relationship… especially when you’re the one dishing out all the cash, sharing your resources with people, bringing them business etc. etc.

I’ve at times taken my eye off the private equity part of my business, that literally brings in millions and millions of pounds, in exchange for a small group of inconsiderate and quite frankly selfish individuals and groups who don’t understand the importance of even a modicum of emotional intelligence.

In short, I’m on the war path. If you don’t give me value back or respect me properly then you are gone and I don’t give a shit what they or anyone else thinks as I’m better off without, financially and for my own mental health. Simple as.

I’ve dropped certain clients in my key businesses

I’m currently reconsidering ALL my suppliers

I’m completely withdrawing from all VC activity

Are you delivering value to someone and they aren’t respecting you? This blog post is your permission to cut them out – even if they are friends or family – get rid. Toxicity kills.


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