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Barnsley entrepreneur’s £18,000 donation to help Barnsley mental health charity improve services to town’s young people.

A Barnsley wellbeing charity will be able to improve its mental health services to the town’s young people thanks to financial support from Nathan Winch, a local entrepreneur.

Last year, Hey! successfully applied to Enterprising Barnsley for matched funding for a project costing £24,000. Hey! The Mental Health Charity has desperately needed to invest in a bespoke CRM system to manage the young people that access the service. With recent funding constraints the charity has struggled to raise the capital needed to complete the project. The successful grant, will now be match-funded by Nathan Winch.

Founded in 2014 and previously known as TADS, the charity offers essential mental health services to children and young adults, recruiting councillors, wellbeing practitioners, volunteers and office staff to offer tier 1* and tier 2* support to those aged between 5-25. It also offers a ‘buy in’ service to schools to aid towards funding.

Hey! currently manages all referrals via a paper-based referral form system, which is then manually keyed into a database.

The charity wishes to achieve further funding and requires detailed analysis to be able to segment and draw statistics. The old system does not allow for caseload to be assign or report the data in the format required by certain funders, this results in the charity being unable to apply for funding from specific organisations.

It also increases the administrative workload required for both the application process and post grant award monitoring.

The new CRM system will capture data from those referring into Hey’s services, manage staff and their individual clients, schools and their children.

Carly Turnbull, Hey! Chief Executive, said: “I’m incredibly grateful to Nathan Winch, whose financial support, together with that from Enterprising Barnsley, means we can now fund a new, bespoke, CRM system. Nathan has been a pillar of support in what can only be described as unprecedented times.

“Our ultimate aim is to reduce the number of hospital admissions made to A&E departments as a result of mental health struggles, and the new platform will help us to achieve this.

“We recognise that to improve productivity and reduce future costs within our organisation it is of paramount importance that we develop and install a bespoke CRM system.

“The new CRM system will also allow us to look at budget spends and how many children are accessing our services.

“It would also provide us with new data we currently cannot access and also significantly reduce the amount of administrative time required to accurately collate reporting information.

“This resource could then be reallocated to delivery; enabling us to meet the needs of many more young people within the same budget and time resources.”

Nathan Winch said: “I’m very proud of my Barnsley roots, and I’m delighted that we are able to support the ongoing work of this local charity, which is dedicated to supporting young people from the town with their wellbeing.

“We are only too acutely aware of the rising number of young people suffering mental and emotional strain brought on by the repeated Covid lockdowns, and this is why the services of Hey! are so vital.

“The pandemic also badly affected the financial fortunes of many charities, as their usual fundraising activities were put on hold, and without the two grants forging ahead with a new CRM system would be out of the question.”

Winch & Co was founded by South Yorkshire entrepreneur Nathan Winch, who sold his first business in 2017. The business, which is based in the centre of Leeds and which has 100 full-time employees, invests in UK companies operating in FMCG, industrial and service-based industries, as well as deploying dynamic growth capital.

* Tier 1 are people with on-going support needs – This includes individuals with a history of serious and enduring mental health needs who require on-going level monitoring and support or intervention.

*Tier 2: – This includes individuals with a history of serious and enduring mental health needs, including personality disorder and/or a high degree of clinical complexity who require higher levels of support, intervention and monitoring services from more than one agency or discipline.

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