New build house update in Stithians, Cornwall.

The new build house in Stithians, Cornwall is nearing completion and has gone on the market! My guys over at TR1 Construction have been slaving away over the house in between our other projects now for quite some time with various hold ups and snags. But I’m proud to say this little gem is almost done and will make a gorgeous home for a family for summer. We have numerous new builds starting next month and are churning through, looking at bigger land developments in the area.

I invested in TR1 Construction with a colleague of mine almost 2 years ago now and since then we have been through thick and thin with the guys on the ground. We’ve really made lots of progress and since buying into the company, seen that Cornwall as an area is turning out to be one of the UK’s hidden gems for high end, value-driven property development. We are really looking forward to expanding and focusing the company on larger land deals and projects in Cornwall.

Whilst property is a very small part of what I do in the investment space, I do have a passion for property and love the various benefits derived from investing in bricks and mortar! Property is also a staple for me in my business, when our principle activity is incredibly high risk, it always makes sense to have a safer, appreciating asset class to deploy surplus capital and generate decent returns at the same time.

Once the carpets go down the house will have an open day with the local estate agent and hopefully sell as quickly as the previous ones we completed at the end of last year. Fingers crossed!

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