I often see lots of nice photos of people on social media, very busy pouting, looking smart in front of posh cars and houses, making sure they have the right filter on that makes their eyes look massive, doing 80’s power-poses looking off into the sunset in their Hugo Boss suit with blue steel…

Let me tell you the worst kept secret ever. They are not wealthy. They are not well connected. They are not enterprising. They are probably struggling with monster debts.

The true entrepreneurs and investors don’t show themselves off, yes some of them might be active on social media, but you’ll not see them worrying too much about their appearance or how they look, or making sure their hair is perfect, whether their make up is ‘on point’, or making sure their beard is well kept. They are promoting their business, giving away free advice, looking like shit, or just BUSY and not visible at all…

Having a business makes you a business owner. It doesn’t make you an entrepreneur. This is something different. IMO it has nothing to do with business at all, it’s about your mental state – how you BEHAVE and PERCEIVE the world around you. Business is just one element where entrepreneurs thrive. They don’t chase money, because doing that ensures you will never have any. They chase opportunity, seek out problems and generally try to add value (I’ve probably only met 4 or 5 people in my short 12 or so years in business that know what “adding value” actually means).

This isn’t a rant I promise I just want to bring people back down to Earth, which will increase the chances of their success exponentially. I’m often advised on my decisions, like when we are buying a business or a property – being told how/what to do by those around me in the office, constantly told by those online how it’s ‘done’, but guess what – none of these people have the success I have. Want to know what’s even stranger? Those that eclipse me with their success regularly ask me for my advice and how they can be better and tell me what they are making a mess of. See the pattern?

There’s some very well known people, who you’ve most likely heard of on here, that have asked me for advice in private, borrowed lots of money from me, had my help raising millions of pounds – but they want to keep it a secret. Maybe because it depositions them as the “authority” in their field..? Who knows!

Yet I’m an open book – yes I’ve done very well, but I’m also sometimes foolish, I’ve been known to rush into things, I have lots of aspects about me, and my business, that I don’t like and strive to improve, I also worry more about my appearance than I’d like… but I tell people about it. I could easily show all the best bits and make others feel like shit. Or, I can show people things I struggle with (and you know what, I get help with it, too). Those close to me know what I’m talking about and are sick of it (sorry).

Anyway, I don’t want to whittle on.

Closing points:

1. Trying to compete with others is foolish

2. Competing with yourself is empowering

3. People are too worried about their looks and not about their career/business/progression

4. You’re probably not an entrepreneur (that’s more of a good thing than bad, trust me)

5. Social media is bollocks 99% of the time

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