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17th January 20220

by Nathan Winch

After 7 months working part-time, I am over the moon to offer Stuart Lister, our lead researcher, the full-time role as Finance Associate! Stuart Lister has been working in my business, Winch & Co, now part-time for 7 months, since offering him the placement back in June last year, and I’ve been extremely impressed with […]

14th December 20210

by Nathan Winch

It’s Christmas time in the office. That doesn’t necessarily mean we are winding down, but tying up loose ends as well as lining up our rubber duckies for the big push in the new year! We received a tiny real Christmas tree in the post from a client today, so Kenzie decided she was going […]

10th December 20210

by Nathan Winch

We are Carbon Neutral I’m super proud to announce that as of this week, Winch & Co is a totally carbon neutral company, having removed 26,000 kg of carbon from the atmosphere so far, with an aim to remove over 100 tonnes per year by 2023. We have done this by supporting and providing resources […]

18th November 20210

by Nathan Winch

Not all mindsets are created equal. I’ve been spending a lot of time recently with one of my best friends, the gorgeous Ellie McKay, and she’s shown me I’m way too soft… and she’s right! Respect is a funny thing. And I know this post will resonate with a lot of people. You know who […]

2nd November 20210

by Nathan Winch

Super proud to welcome yet another addition to our team at Winch & Co, Kenzie Francis, admin assistant. She is now working full time with us and will introduce herself to everyone we work with. Welcome to the team, Kenz! We all look forward to working with you 

3rd July 20210

by Nathan Winch

The right time to bring people into my business Property is a business just like any other but, in my experience, property people tend not to act like business owners. It’s strange. It’s a phenomenon I’ve only witnessed in property; maybe because many of them aren’t business owners first – not that that is a […]

14th June 20211

by Nathan Winch

Very proud to welcome Stuart Lister to the Winch & Co team today as our newest Investment Analyst – bringing our team to 11 first-class talented people. He’s working with us part time in between reading for his degree in Business Accounting and Management at Leeds. Welcome Stu! 

18th April 20210

by Nathan Winch

How do you chill out? I like DIY as a way of de-stressing from work. Don’t need much thought process and can chill to some music with a cuppa while you do it… Last weekend I built a wall to surround one of my planters in the garden to replace the rotting wooden sleepers. Was […]



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