Throwback to 2011 ✨

Quite a while back, whilst still at university studying Molecular Biology, I started a medical supplies company. As part of my degree I worked in the NHS and saw how terribly inefficient it was. So long story short, in 2011 I formed a company and bid on an NHS contract – which we won a share of £39m.

This was my first real successful business. Fast forward 5 years and I’d sold it to a plc. Since then I’ve started and sold several more businesses, but it’s been a bumpy ride.

12 years ago I started a business that failed.
11 years ago I started a business that failed.
9 years ago I started a medical supply business.
8 years ago that business won NHS contracts.
7 years ago I started investing more in property.
5 years ago I started investing in businesses.
4 years ago my investors tried to close me down so I bought them out.
4 years ago I sold the NHS medical business.
3 years ago I started a business, sold in 6 months.
1 year ago I started buying small businesses.
10 months ago I started buying bigger businesses.

Today, I run a private equity firm with a core turnover over £10m. Our portfolio as a whole turns over £26m a year in revenues. I am a full time private equity investor helping fund other entrepreneurs, and it’s the best job in the world.

📚 10% of this is down to my skill set.
🔗 90% is down to relentless perseverance.

People like us make it in the end.
You just have to give it a fighting chance.

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