what £250,000 looks like
I got a text from my Commercial Director, Debra Hart, yesterday, it said “what £250,000 looks like” and it contained a picture of the two new trucks we recently bought for one of our transport companies.

“What £250,000 looks like…” it got me thinking about investment and value-add. Spent a lot of time this week talking with people about this. It still amazes me how differently a sum of money, such as £250,000, is perceived across different industries. In transport, it’s two new truck cabins (excluding the trailers), in business it could be a significant angel investment (the sum received by the winner of the BBC’s ‘Apprentice’, as an example), in property it’s the average residential home in the UK, or 2-3 buy-to-lets…

To give you an idea, these two new vehicles will create two new jobs and add, by my calculations, a further £400,000 per year to turnover. A great investment of cash. As we acquire more haulage companies for Winch & Co’s transport group, our management team also work on improving operations, accelerating growth, reducing costs and managing risk – drawing on our collective public, private and third-sector experience. We are also excited about the next acquisition which has just gone to legals and due diligence, bringing us closer to our investment mandate targets. Shaun, Debra and the team are working super effectively with the company level management teams to consolidate and grow the business. I must admit, I am falling in love with transport and heavy industry. Those that know me know I love the tangible, and what’s more tangible than a lorry shifting someone else’s products and services? I love it!

What would £250,000 look like in your business? Give me an idea of how it would grow your enterprise – tell me what you would invest the cash in. I love the comparisons…

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