Yes, I’m finally happy in a photo! 😅
That’s because we’ve had a stellar year at Winch & Co in 2021. Despite all the challenges, we’ve changed the face of our business completely, the team and I have:

🦆 Broken through 100 full time employees
🦆 Acquired two new big companies
🦆 Added £7million to our yearly turnover
🦆 Increased our profitability by almost £400k pa
🦆 Agreed HOTs on £5million of 2022 acquisitions
🦆 11x our overall business (f**k you Grant Cardone)
🕷 Overcome some huge financial challenges
🐍 Removed a lot of toxicity from the company

^ see, all our ducks in a row 😆

What have you achieved in 2021 that you are proud of?

See you all in 2022! ⭐️

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