What a 12 months it’s been! We’ve achieved so much at Winch & Co, and we can’t shy away from it any longer. We’ve now broken through the turnover/employee threshold and as of 2022, we will now need auditors.

I’ve been skirting this for a while, dodging, dipping and diving to avoid needing annual audits. But after a long chat with our accountants Elementary Accountancy Services, we are biting the bullet. Trying to avoid it and keep turnover lower is such small minded thinking – and I have to practice what I preach! We are now discussing which of the ‘big four’ we will be most likely to work with.

So whilst it is a massive headache and costs a fortune, a positive way to look at it is that it is an indicator that we are growing. And this isn’t slow growth either – our goals for 2024 include having a £100million turnover, and with a £10million+ turnover, with another possible £40million in the pipeline for 2022, I’m actually starting to believe in myself that it is actually possible and not just a silly target…

Right, now can summer hurry up already!?

Ciao x

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